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MeeGo 1.2 επίσημα διαθέσιμο για smartphones, tablets και netbooks!

20 Μαΐου 2011 Christos Elpidis

MeeGo 1.2 επίσημα διαθέσιμο για smartphones, tablets και netbooks!

Μετά από αρκετό καιρό δοκιμών είναι πλέον διαθέσιμη η τελική έκδοση του λειτουργικού συστήματος MeeGo 1.2 για smartphones, tablets, netbooks και συστήματα αυτοκινήτου!


Αναλυτική παρουσίαση της νέας έκδοσης αναμένεται ότι θα έχουμε στη επερχόμενη MeeGo Conference 2011, με κρυφή ελπίδα ότι θα συνοδευτεί από μια νέα συσκευή (πιθανότατα από την LG).

Τα κυριότερα χαρακτηριστικά της έκδοσης MeeGo 1.2 είναι:

  • Υποστήριξη επεξεργαστών Intel Atom και ARMv7
  • Υποστήριξη εφαρμογών κατασκευασμένων με Qt APIs και QML-Mobility frameworks
  • Πλήρης υποστήριξη τηλεφωνίας και δικτύων (SIM Application Toolkit, GSM, GPRS, HSPA+)
  • Tethering δεδομένων μέσω USB, WiFi και BT-PAN (Bluetooth)
  • Υποστήριξη περισσότερων multimedia formats

Τέλος, η έκδοση θα είναι διαθέσιμη για το Nokia N900 μέχρι το τέλος του μήνα!

Today we are announcing the project release of MeeGo 1.2. This release provides a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to start creating software for various device categories on Intel Atom* and ARMv7 architectures.

The MeeGo 1.2 Core OS provides a complete set of enabling technologies for mobile computing.
Some highlights of the MeeGo Core stack include:

MeeGo Reference Kernels supporting a variety of Intel Atom and ARMv7 platforms.
QML Application Framework and extended Qt-Mobility APIs, including additional location, system, connectivity, and sensor/haptic capabilities for rapid, rich, application development.
Enhanced Telephony and Connectivity capabilities, including:
GSM, GPRS, and HSPA+ network support
SIM Application Toolkit
Expanded Bluetooth profiles
Expanded VPN and wireless authentication methods
USB, WiFi, and BT-PAN data tethering capability
Enhance multimedia support, including RTSP streaming with progressive download
This release also includes the following:
Netbook UX 1.2 complete set of core applications for netbooks.
In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) UX 1.2 includes a sample IVI Homescreen and speech recognition enabled Application Launcher built with QML, as well as a collection of commonly used applications.
Tablet Developer Preview
MeeGo SDK 1.2 for MeeGo Core OS and supported UXs.
Please refer to the Core and UX release notes, as well as the Developer Resources documentation pages, for a more complete list of features and supported platforms.

Looking Ahead to MeeGo 1.3
MeeGo development continues forward on a six-month cadence, with MeeGo 1.3 scheduled to be released in October, 2011.

Many new features targeting MeeGo 1.3 have already been accepted in MeeGo Featurezilla. The development tree for MeeGo 1.3 is open and we are starting to integrate new components now.

Learn More at the MeeGo Conference
You can learn more about the MeeGo project, and the people behind it, at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco, May 23-25, 2011. Program information and registration is available at http://sf2011.meego.com/

Many thanks to all the MeeGo contributors and to the great upstream projects that provide the basis for our work.

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