NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 γυαλιά για 3D gaming

Η δεύτερη γενιά τεχνολογίας 3D είναι έτοιμη από την NVIDIA και ακούει στο όνομα NVIDIA 3D Vision 2. Ο λόγος για τα νέα στερεοσκοπικά 3D γυαλιά της εταιρείας, μια ιδανική λύση για όλους τους λάτρεις του 3D gaming.

Τα νέα βελτιωμένα γυαλιά διαθέτουν 20% μεγαλύτερους φακούς, με αποτέλεσμα το οπτικό πεδίο να μεγαλώνει, ενώ παράλληλα ο χρήστης βλέπει όσο το δυνατόν λιγότερο το πλαίσιο τους. Έτσι, μπορεί να απολαύσει τη 3D εμπειρία σε οθόνες μέχρι 27″ χωρίς κανένα πρόβλημα.

Εκτός των άλλων, ο νέος σχεδιασμός των NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 εμποδίζει την είσοδο του φωτός στα μάτια του χρήστη από κάτω ή από τα πλάγια, ενώ ο σκελετός είναι ελαφρύτερος και πιο εύκαμπτος, επιτρέποντάς του να φοράει ακουστικά χωρίς να πληγώνονται οι λοβοί του.

Τα NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσουν μέσα στο μήνα στην τιμή των €80.


NVIDIA 3D Vision Vaults to New Dimension with Next-Gen
3D Glasses and Monitors
New 3D Vision 2 Glasses, Brighter 3D Monitor Technology
Immerse Gamers into Vivid 3D Worlds

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Oct. 14, 2011-NVIDIA today unveiled its second generation of 3D Vision products, designed to immerse gamers and enthusiasts in the ultimate 3D experience for games, movies and photos.

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2, the next generation of NVIDIA’s award-winning 3D glasses, features a sleek new design and other features to enhance the immersive experience when playing 3D games, or enjoying 3D movies or photos. Among these is NVIDIA 3D LightBoost™, a unique new display technology that dramatically improves the 3D experience by delivering images that are up to twice as bright and colors that are far richer than those provided by other 3D display technologies.

These features give gamers the ultimate 3D platform for this Fall’s hot new titles, including Batman: Arkham City, LA Noire and more. In addition, through the 3D Vision Ready ecosystem, NVIDIA is delivering the industry’s broadest selection of high-quality 3D content and supported displays.

“Gorgeous, bright, crystal-clear 3D worlds are created by NVIDIA’s 3D Vision 2 glasses with 3D LightBoost monitors and notebooks,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA’s engineering team has made incredible enhancements in 3D on PCs, creating a breathtaking gaming experience that’s better than the best Hollywood 3D movie.”

“NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology makes 3D games, movies and photos more stunning and life-like than ever before,” said David Wung, senior director of product management of Open Platform Business (OPBG) Group for ASUS Computer International. “With 3D LightBoost and our new full-HD monitors, colors are richer, textures and subtle image details virtually jump off the screen, and the overall quality of the experience is something to behold. We are thrilled to be the first desktop display manufacturer to bring this new level of 3D visual quality to our customers with the ASUS VG278H.”

NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Glasses

NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses were designed specifically for gamers and 3D enthusiasts. They provide deeper immersion in games through lenses that are 20 percent larger than those in first-generation glasses, resulting in a wider viewing area and increased external light blocking. In addition, 3D Vision 2 glasses are made of soft composite materials for a more comfortable fit with gaming headphones.

The glasses, which feature NVIDIA’s advanced active-shutter and IR wireless technologies, allow gamers and 3D enthusiasts to access the broadest selection of high-quality 3D content available today, including more than 550 full-HD 1080p 3D games, more than 100 Blu-ray 3D movies and thousands of 3D videos and photos from YouTube and 3DVisionLive.com. In addition, 3D Vision 2 glasses are fully backwards-compatible with all existing 3D Vision Ready content and supporting products, including more than 70 different 3D Vision monitors, notebooks and projectors, video applications, and cameras.

NVIDIA 3D LightBoost Technology

3D LightBoost is a new NVIDIA display technology that delivers up to 2X brighter 3D images than existing 3D solutions and improved color quality. It also dramatically increases environmental lighting, making gaming keyboards and mice more visible, and reducing 3D ghosting.

The first 3D LightBoost-certified desktop display is the ASUS VG278H, a 27-inch LED full HD (1920×1080) monitor, featuring a 3D HDMI 1.4 input, as well as a Dual-link DVI input for full HD 1080p 3D gaming. ASUS’ exclusive Trace-Free II Technology features 120Hz refresh rates and 2ms response times, resulting in vivid, ultra-smooth visuals. Expected to be available beginning in October 2011, the ASUS VG278H includes 3D Vision 2 glasses and is priced at $699 (USD MSRP).

Additional 3D LightBoost-compatible displays from Acer and BenQ, are expected to ship in the coming months. 3D LightBoost compatible notebooks include several Toshiba models – Satellite P770/P775, Dynabook Satellite T572, Dynabook T572, and the Qosmio X770/X775 – with others expected in the coming months.

3D Vision 2 Pricing and Availability

The 3D Vision 2 glasses kit, which includes one pair of 3D Vision 2 glasses and a wireless USB IR emitter will be available from the leading retailers/e-tailers worldwide in October for $149 (USD MSRP). It will also be available on the NVIDIA online store. Extra 3D Vision 2 glasses are available for $99 (USD MSRP). Visit www.nvidia.com/3dvision for more information.

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