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Multitouch οθόνες για ασύρματη σύνδεση των smartphones/tablets από τη ViewSonic [CES 2012]

16 Ιανουαρίου 2012 Christos Elpidis

Multitouch οθόνες για ασύρματη σύνδεση των smartphones/tablets από τη ViewSonic [CES 2012]

ViewSonic Multitouch Monitors

Η ViewSonic παρουσίασε στην CES 2012 δύο νέες multitouch οθόνες, 22'' - 23'', και μία Full HD 3D 27'', με την 23'' να σας δίνει τη δυνατότητα να τη χρησιμοποιήσετε ως δευτερεύουσα για τις φορητές συσκευές σας (smartphones, tablets) μέσω ασύρματης σύνδεσης!

Η μικρότερη από τις τρεις, TD2220, διαθέτει LCD panel 22'' με υποστήριξη multitouch 2 σημείων, δυνατότητα περιστροφής 360 μοιρών, υποδοχές USB και ενσωματωμένα ηχεία 2W.

Η μεσαία, TDi2340, διαθέτει Full HD IPS LED panel 23'' με υποστήριξη multitouch 10 σημείων, επεξεργαστή ARM 11, υποδοχές VGA, DVI και 2x USB, και περιβάλλον ViewSonic UI με εφαρμογές YouTube, Netflix κλπ.

Τέλος, η V3D271 διαθέτει Full HD 3D IPS LED panel 27'', δύο ηχεία SRS Premium Sound 2W και ειδικό ζευγάρι γυαλιά της Nvidia για την παρακολούθηση του στερεοσκοπικού 3D υλικού.

Όλες θα κυκλοφορήσουν μέσα στο δεύτερο τρίμηνο του 2012, χωρίς να έχουν ανακοινωθεί οι τιμές τους μέχρι στιγμής.

ViewSonic Previews TouchScreen, Universal Displays and Immersive 3D Monitors During CES 2012

ViewSonic Corp. (South Hall 36631), a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced three new products for 2012 that will showcase the future of workplace computing. This includes innovative displays of all sizes and seamlessly integrated connected devices. In addition to new touch screen products to further drive the company's innovation, ViewSonic will reveal a new 27" active 3D display unit that augments its current 3D display lineup and leadership.

"The future of display technology is about engagement and putting control into the users hand through the use of many senses, including touch. Leveraging our rich display heritage, our team has created new ground breaking products that appeal to consumers' desire for interactive, visually compelling viewing experiences. I'm excited to preview our new monitors and universal display units to visitors at CES and look forward to launching the products later this year," said Jeff Volpe, president for ViewSonic Americas.

The ViewSonic display products showcased during the event include:

· ViewSonic's TD2220 multi-touch monitor: This LED panel features a 2-point touch user interface, a 360-degree swivel and full tilt for optimum viewing. Its 2-port USB connectivity and 2Watt speaker input ensures consumers can fully interact with their desktop and applications without the need of a mouse. The monitor provides a premium interactive multimedia experience on a brilliant high definition screen.

· The TDi2340 universal display: An anchor for cloud computing devices,the 23" display enables consumers to use the frameless, 10-point capacitive touch interface to connect smart phones, tablets or notebooks wirelessly for an extended desktop mode, or to leverage as dual-displays. The TDi2340 is based on the latest ARM11 CPU with a ViewSonic-customized interface to also allow consumers to wirelessly share photos and streaming media content from popular services such as YouTube and Netflix.

· V3D271 3D monitor: An ideal home entertainment monitor, the V3D271 is an active 3D display that provides stunning 1920 by 1080 Full HD resolution for home and technology enthusiasts. The 27" display comes with NVIDIA® glasses and dual 2-watt stereo speakers with SRS Premium Sound® to provide users with both a high-sensory audio and visual experience. The expansive screen gives users even more display space for high-impact 3D multimedia and gaming.

Product availability of the TD2220, TDi2340 and V3D271 is expected to be Q2, 2012.

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