Smule Nation: Η Smule εγκαινιάζει το δικό της μουσικό social network


H Smule έχει κυκλοφορήσει μέχρι σήμερα ουκ ολίγες μουσικές εφαρμογές για mobile συσκευές (Sing! Karaoke, Ocarina, Magic Piano, I Am T-Pain) και τώρα σχεδιάζει να επεκτείνει τη δραστηριότητά της εγκαινιάζοντας ένα νέο μουσικό social network.

To κοινωνικό δίκτυο θα ονομάζεται Smule Nation και θα παρέχει πρόσβαση στο περιεχόμενο όλων των παραπάνω εφαρμογών όχι μόνο στους χρήστες τους αλλά σε όλο τον κόσμο. Σύμφωνα με την εταιρεία, κάθε δύο μέρες στο δίκτυο της Smule προστίθεται 1 Terrabyte μουσικής, η οποία θα είναι πλέον προσβάσιμη μέσω των Facebook, Twitter, των εφαρμογών της εταιρείας και του Web.

Με το νέο κοινωνικό δίκτυο οι fans θα μπορούν να βρίσκουν ευκολότερα τη μουσική που τους αρέσει, να δημιουργούν playlists ανά καλλιτέχνη και πολλά άλλα. Ακολουθεί το επίσημο δελτίο τύπου της εταιρείας:


Smule, the company who turned mobile devices into one big recording studio with apps like Magic Piano™, Ocarina, I Am T-Pain™, Guitar! and Sing! Karaoke, today opened up its platform to the web, showcasing over 1 billion songs created by 125 million plus users.

“Music is the original social network,” said Jeffrey C. Smith, co-founder and CEO of Smule. “At Smule, we hope to bring music back to its roots as a social and interactive medium.”

“Together, Smule users have created over a billion songs,” said Jeff. “A lot of those songs, including my own cover of ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’, are not especially good. But when you have a hundred million people singing, playing, and curating the songs, a couple nuggets rise to the top. I would even say there are some seriously talented people on the network. Regardless, I think we all are having a lot of fun creating music together.”

Smule users are sharing a terabyte of content on the Smule network every other day. Users of Sing! Karaoke, for example, are singing over 20,000 songs per hour. Magic Piano users are playing 50,000 songs per hour. Smule on the web is the new home for all of this content, allowing users to store all of their favorite songs in the cloud, making it easier to access the content from Smule apps, Facebook, Twitter, and now the web.

“Requiring everyone to install apps limited the reach of our network,” said Jeff. “We want everyone to be able to access the songs our community has created and shared, regardless of platform or operating system.”

“From the start, Smule apps were built with the idea of connecting people around the world through music,” said chief product and design officer, Jeannie Yang. “And people formed communities around the apps as the inevitable pull of music brought people together ­–strangers, friends, and families. Our internal code name for the community is Smule Nation because they’re our secret weapon…well, not so secret anymore. We can’t wait to see what our users will create and where they will take it. We just hope we can keep up with them!”

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